Mark Cavendish MBE: Meeting the Manx Missile-ulysse nardin replica

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Mark Cavendish celebrating clinching his fourth stage victory and 30th Tour de France stage win. He wore the RM 011 Felipe Massa back at 2016

Wei Koh: Is integrity important to Mark?

Mark Cavendish: I have lived by one rule since I was a young man. You can't take any crap but you don't give it away. I have always tried to be from this place, and I am always open to meeting people from this same place. My partners are all long-standing friends. When I was 17, I signed up with Nike - it was free of charge at first. When I turned 18, I became the World Champion and was offered more lucrative deals by rival brands. AndIsaid: "Look, I bought Nike and that's the thing I'm going for." It must be true." The same goes for friends. I have always tried to avoid being surrounded by idiots. It doesn't matter what my friends do, they are all real people. They could be my school friends,Replica Watches or they could be someone I met cycling or Richard. I enjoy messaging people to just say "How are you?" without any ulterior motive, other than the fact that I care about my friends' well-being.

ulysse nardin replica: Mark is a great speaker. There is no crap. His style is very open and colorful, and he has an amazing sense of intelligence and sense of humor. He never gives you anything artificial.

Mark Cavendish: I have always said what my heart desires and felt. Today, the difference is that I have lived a life and learned from it. You don't know life until you're 18,Omega Deville Replica Watches when you're a World Champion. So I said things that were completely nonsense - I was a little idiot. But I am a child. I didn't growup in private. I grew up in the public eye.

Cavendish wins gold at the 2005 UCI Track Cycling World Championships

ulysse nardin replica: What has changed?

Mark Cavendish: What changed me the most was that I grew to be a man,ulysse nardin replica met a wonderful woman, married, and had children. That gave me a fresh perspective on life. I'm still the same person, but I have a new perspective on the world. I am a 32-year old man. However, I still have to pay for the things I said when I was 18. While I still want to say what I want, I'm much more aware of how the world will view it.

Mark and his wife, Mark, with their daughter before a competition event at Rio Olympics 2016.

Wei Koh, You are from the Isle of Man. Is there a large cycling culture?