Mark Cavendish MBE: Meeting the Manx Missile-tissot replica

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Mark Cavendish: Although motorcycling is the most popular sport on the Isle of Man, bicycling is also a very popular one. My hometown has a strong culture of the sport and there would be groups of between 50-60 cyclists who ride together every weekend. Looking back on my childhood,Rolex Datejust Replica Watches I remember riding a bike every day.

Yann Le Moenner: How did you start racing?

Mark Cavendish (laughing).: When we were young, Mark Cavendish and I had some behavioral problems. We were out of control. But I loved my bike. We were told about these races for children by someone who suggested I try them. I went to my first race against the guys on their road bikes. I was riding my BMX. It drove me crazy that I finished last in that race. I returned home to tell my mother, who was laughing at me. I suggested that I could do better if I had a bike that had gears. So I bought a bike as a birthday gift. She bought me a mountain bike, and I needed one for my birthday. But I didn't mind.Omega Deville Replica Watches My birthday was Monday, and the race was Tuesday. It was pouring down with rain, and I was the only one who showed up. The race was cancelled, and I had to wait until next week. I went to the next race, and I won. The next week, I won the race again. After five weeks of winning five races, I thought "This is easy." I want to race in England against the men there." I purchased a second-hand roadbike and was always looking for ways to make it faster. I learned to shift gears by using my knees, as the gear levers were located on the down tube. I learned this trick from professional racers later on, when I met them.

Mark Cavendish, age 11, meets David Millar, cyclist and future teammate at an Isle of Man cycling festival

tissot replica: When did you realize that you were a special talent?

Mark Cavendish: I first went to the UK with my terrible bike when I was twelve. I won races. The next year, I entered the British Championship. I borrowed a bike and absolutely smashed it. Someone suggested that I try the Velodrome. I didn't even know what it was but borrowed another bike to win the British Championship. I got on the bike quickly and just went. I broke four British records, and won four British championships. I was thirteen years old.

When I was 14, I ran a race one day before the North-West Championships. I lapped the field twice so I asked if I could race alongside the Under-16s. I won. I had wanted to race in the Youth Olympics qualifying race, and I won it. But they said I was too young to compete in the actual event. It was then that I realized I was good. Although it can seem arrogant, the point is that elite athletes need to feel confident and self-assured. This is what you need to be able to reach the next level.

Yann Le Moenner : I love Mark's early interest in cycling and its culture.

Mark Cavendish: Absolutely. Already at 14 I had a plan.tissot replica At this point, there were two dominant teams in cycling: Telekom and US Postal. I was still learning French, and asked if I could learn German if I passed my exams. I wanted to ride for Telekom.